Compete other players and take win to earn your rewards.


Grow into a stronger dragon through adventures in the Holivia continent.


The shadows of darkness come to the dragons 




Holivia, an unknown continent.

It's called the fantasy race

Shinsu: Dragons exist. 

As the empire Brinden claims, which threatens the peace and stability of the continent.

The story of the dragons fighting against the logic of the jungle. 

Godess of Creation


She created a beautiful world around a varety of life and the Holivian continent.

She was the first to create a creature called Dragon to help herself, and to this end he was the greatest and strongest of all

High intelligence and magic were made available. 

The last man to be created was born into the weakest and most vulnerable creatures.

They gave them a special ability to distinguish between good and evil, and to learn from their emotions, but that was later the result of the Empire of Brinden

She ends up in a deep sleep, consuming all her energy. 

Devine Hero Dragon


Dragons who are used to living alone cannot easily respond and end up in danger of extinction.

In this crisis, Browars, led by Quarlia, became the head of the dragon and united the scattered dragons.

To regain power, the dragon race begins to be reorganized.

As a result of sending a message of Quilia to all the dragons and urging them to unite.

The Dragons finally get a chance to fight back against the Empire of Brinden






❖ Adventure mode (PvE)

Adventure mode is a game mode that grows Dragons through adventures in the Olivia continent according to the game story. Each chapter is equipped with monsters with various concepts and various phases, and it is fun to remove them and clean up the area. In addition, players can acquire XP and XP Potion every time they perform Stage Clear, which allows them to grow Dragon. Each chapter consists of 10 stages and 4 chapters, so the service will start with a total of 40 stages when it is opened. Various chapters and stages will also be added as updates are made in the future.

❖ Dungeon mode

Dungeon mode is a game mode in which you can acquire Gears of Dragon. Depending on the game's story, players will be given the opportunity to visit the heads of each of the scattered Dragons in the Olivia continent, to be tested by them, and to obtain a random Gear as a reward. The heads of Dragons guarding Dungeons in each region have their own powerful attributes, so challenging Dragons have to pay attention not only to their abilities, but also to the coherence of attributes.

Dungeons are divided into four categories. In addition, the Gear sets that each Dungeon can get as a reward are all differentiated. As a result, the player repeatedly challenges Dungeon to get the Gear he wants. Each Dungeon has four difficulties: Easy/Normal/Hard/Very Hard, and the probability of obtaining a rare Gear is also different depending on the difficulty.

❖ Expedition mode

Expedition mode is a game mode that explores unknown parts of the Olivia continent and collects unused Element crystals that were collected by ancient Dragons. This Element crystal is an item that Dragon can use to grow through adventures and reach the limit level, and you get different Element crystals from region to region. The Expedition consists of six main areas, and depending on the region, you will get Blue Crystal, Red Crystal, Green Crystal, Purple Crystal, Brown Crystal and Gray Crystal. Each Element crystal can be used according to the properties of the Dragon, so the player will repeatedly proceed with Expedition to obtain the Element crystal of the desired properties. Exploration time exists in the area of each Expedition. It is divided into four categories: 1 hour / 3 hours / 6 hours / 12 hours, and the amount of compensation for the Element crystal is differentiated.

❖ Arena mode (PvP)

Arena mode is a game mode that allows players to test each other's strength through competition. Dragon's unique attributes and the presence or absence of Stat, Level, and Gear determine the aspect of the battle, and you can create a chance to turn around with the player's Skill, Control, etc. Players can team up with 3 Dragons and collect a variety of Dragons to change the team set for each opponent to participate in the battle. Collecting a large number of different Dragons and creating multiple teams can be advantageous in Arena mode.

Arena mode will be operated on a season-by-season basis, and the ranking will be determined through the competition and at the end of the season, you will be rewarded by ranking competition. 1 vs 1 competition mode will be provided when it is open. As it is updated in the future, Tag team competition mode and various competition modes will be updated.